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Summer time stitching

I hope everyone is having a good summer despite the weather being very variable. It has been a busy couple of months with lots of outs and abouts.

ENROLMENT is now open for JULY for the stitching hour bundle from 2022. You get access to 14 videos to work through at your own pace and create a unique embroidery hoop, that I had on my ko-fi 'what's sewing on' subscription in 2022.

Once enrolled you have lifetime access to all the content.

Next enrolment will be in January 2024

I am excited to be currently putting together the 2024 program here at Shed 76 1/2. Already available to book are Jennifer Collier and Maria Thomas. Liz Cooksey is full at present but you can email me to be put on the reserve list.

I am adding more over the summer including Anne Kelly, as well as my own workshops.

Full information can be found on my website, updates via social media and I will add it to the next newsletter blog.

I have had the luxury of going on a few workshops myself lately. With FABricology we had Anne Kelly for 2 days, and what a joy they were. I continued to add to the apron I have been working on over 2023.

I am also currently doing a workshop with Tansy Hagen called #littlebookofthumbnails

You can see my progress via my Instagram page @hannemadebyanne.

In and amongst everything I am also busy creating new embroidery templates. These are based around my love of printing and stitch. Inspiration for the designs has come from my early stitched collage shapes and it has been run re-visiting previous themes. They will be available at Yarndale in September, Knit and Stitch in Harrogate in November on soon on my website.

At this time of year when planning a holiday it is nice to take a project along. I have a range of embroidery templates available in my online shop, alongside my HanneADASHERY where you can purchase threads, needles etc to put a project page together to take away with you.

I am looking forward to a break over the summer and taking time to catch up on a range of projects.

Some of which will be planning for 2024.

It is always exciting to start thinking about projects for next year as I usually have lots of thing filling my head all the time.

Currently the #52stitches and #stitchinghour are well under way for 2023, but you are free to join either subscription at any time. You can do this via my ko-ki page.

As some of you know we are also converting a van and it is coming along a lot quicker that we though it would. I am looking forward to my first trip, be that to Mr B's work over in Wigan, and planning a day in Liverpool and a day stitching in the van.

You can keep up to date with the goings on in my HanneMADE world via my 'wobble gob wednesday' updates every few week over on Youtube.

Well I think that is all the news I can think about at the moment. No doubt as soon as I press publish I will think of other stuff, but for now happy stitching everyone

Anne xxx

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