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Hi everyone hope all is well with you. Here in my HanneMADE world it has been slightly bonkers to say the least...

At the end of last month I was chuffed to be featured in the Yorkshire Post Magazine. Sally, the writer, came and spent a lovely morning chatting as I wobbled gobbed my way through the interview. Surprisingly, reading it, I actually made some sense LOL

We also had a run out to the Rag Market in Hebden Bridge. A very dangerous day out as everyone is selling their stash...and people buy more stash...

You can see our adventure on my WOBBLE GOB WEDNESDAY episode 13 HERE

You can listen to previous episodes of my 'wobble gob Wednesday' over on my YouTube channel

Workshop season has really begun here at Shed 76 12/ and out and about.

New workshop - Vintage stitched postcards.

When I was young I can remember always buying and sending postcards as soon as we went on holiday so they would arrive home before we did. In some of my previous work I created a range of stitch postcards that combine print and stitch. So I decided to off this as a new workshop for 2023.

We had a lovely day creating stamps, dyeing coordinating threads, printing and stitching. The postcards that were created were beautiful.

Skipton stitchers - Collage boxes

Great day in Skipton making collage boxes. We spent the day making fabric lined paper collage boxes and as always I was amazed by how much everyone got done. Especially one member that created a mini 5x5x5cm ring box. Such a lovely idea that she want ed to try out with the intention of making them as gift boxes for birthdays.

Liz Cooksey - Sculptural wire forms

It was a delight to welcome Liz Cooksey back to the shed to create a wonderful 'garden' of wire forms. It was an action packed day and at times very quiet as everyone was busy focusing on creating a mini sculptural piece.

Wolverhampton talk and workshop

I have not been to Wolverhampton before and it was lovely to go somewhere new to give a talk on the Friday and workshop on the Saturday to a huge group of enthusiastic stitchers and my vintage postcard workshop. What a welcome I received as many of their members have done my projects over the past few years. I love giving a talk about my journey and how I have ended up in my accidental hannemade world. Sharing my up and downs, love of stitch and stories was a lovely way to spend the evening.

The workshop was the largest I have run, 25 lovely ladies created some fabulous vintage postcards. it was a busy, chatty stitch-y day that went really quickly and I am looking forward to a return visit, hopefully in 2025 (scary)

Our adVANture continues and it is all moving froward and getting very exciting. You can follow our journey on YouTube here and Instagram by following @brookes_advantures.

Duncan checking out our handy work lol

If you are a subscriber to ko-fi or have followed me for a while I am at Yarndale and Knit and Stitch this year and would love to plan a meet up to both shows. Keep a look out for more information and possible ideas.

Later this year there are lots more workshops (full at the moment but email me to go on the reserve list)

Already making plans for 2024....eeeeek

So I am already planning a programme of workshops for 2024. Liz Cooksey (full), Maria Thomas and Jennifer Collier are on the line up so far and have this space for more workshops including my own.

Well I think that is all for now, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and making some time to relax and stitch,

Happy stitching

Anne xx

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