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Spring time newsletter

Hello I hope you are well. I am going to start to publish my newsletter, here on my blog and via my ko-fi page, instead of my emailed newsletter, due to the rising yearly costs... so here goes

What a great start to 2023 and it is lovely to be heading towards Spring. Here at Shed 76 ½ we have had the first in person workshops with Emily Notman and started this year program of PHD days.

This weekend sees the start of the 1st of my 3 new workshops for 2023. Keep an eye out on Instagram for photos of the mini stitched books we make. Hopefully I will be running this workshop again.

If you are near Brighouse there are still a few places remaining on this year’s in person workshops and you can have a look at them and book a place via my website

I also have 3 digital workshops also available via my website. Beginners free machine embroidery, stitched collage and collage boxes. These can be booked individually or as a bundle of 3 workshops.

As you know I love stitching and using a range of techniques in my work. The range of embroidery templates I have designed are a great way to explore hand embroidery and create a unique piece of work as they give you the freedom to select your own colourway and choice of stitch.

Take a look in my HanneADASHERY for threads and sewing equipment.

#52STITCHES is in full swing and I hope you are enjoying creating them as much as I am looking at them online. It is great to see the way you are displaying them and when we get further in the year, I will put together a selection online. I will send out how to do this later in the year, but for now if you are subscribed you can view them on the private Facebook page.

#THESTITCHINGHOUR, only 2 months / blocks in and the stitching done so far is beautiful. Again, you can view the work of others via the private Facebook group. It has been lovely to see up to 100 joins for the live stitching hour and 20-30 on the stitch and chat Fridays.

COMING SOON – Stitch and chat evenings, I will post about this soon :)

There is still time to join either group and stitch along with everyone. You can do this by subscribing to one of the tiers here on Ko-fi.

You can also keep up to date with my handmade world via my weekly Wednesday wobble gob videos where I share stuff and, well, wooble gob for a bit :D

These can be viewed via my YouTube channel or my ko-fi page.


Over on my YouTube channel you still have access to the projects I started during lockdown.

Stitched scroll : fabric book : 12 pages of Christmas : #52tagshannemade

So what’s next... I am excited to get back into the swing of workshops here in Brighouse, getting out and about and continuing with the development of my personal project.

So as always happy stitching and see you soon

Anne xx

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