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Maria Thomas workshop

Well it has been a while since I have written a blog and a lot has happened, but that can all come in a later post.

This weekend I have had the pleasure of welcoming Maria Thomas to run 2 workshops. I met Maria last year, at knit and stitch, and was blown away by her work and the stories behind them.

Day 1 - Collage workshop

We were shown Maria's way of laminating papers and fabric and then spent the afternoon building our compositions. Most of us choose to use a spoon as our object.

After a lot of chatting and stitching we shared our creations and it was lovely to see them all together as if one whole piece.

Day 2 - Collage garments

At the knit and stitch show I bought a collar from Maria that was part of her collection that was based on her Dad, who always wore a collar.

In day 2 Maria showed use how to make a collar or we had the option of making one of her mini jackets / kimono. There was a lovely atmosphere again in the Shed and you could hear the thinking that was going on. Some of use did the 2 days , which was a huge treat and others came to the 1 days. Which ever they attended we worked really hard under Maria's guidance and encouragement.

Selecting fabrics and papers our pieces came together and though they weren't all totally finished they looked amazing.

I can't wait for Maria to come back again, possibly in 2024

Anne xx

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