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A weekend in Northern Ireland

Setting off from a grey Bradford airport and heading to Belfast was made all the more exciting, if that is the right word, by landing through storm Brian. The rain and wind was blowing as Joanna picked e up from the airport and we arrived at Catherine's house. After a good night's sleep we headed off for day 1 of my 2 day stay.

In a lovely church hall I unpacked the one 1 I could bring and got ready for my talk....My journey from A-Z and back again. Even I was amazed at the amount of things I had been able to pack 😀 the talk went really well and the ladies comments at the end we very kind. After lunch it was onto a 1/2 day workshop... Scary white paper. We had a lovely afternoon trying a range of techniques creating some lovely concertina books. I was amazed how hard everyone worked and how much they got done.

The evening then was spent having a lovely meal with Joanna and Joan and a lot of textile talk was had over a well earned G&T 😁

Off to bed 😴😴😴

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