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Easter in Norfolk

I always look forward to my trip to Norfolk at Easter and working at Sew Creative at Wroxham Barns.It was lovely to see Kath and Samantha again and meet, new owner, Bridget. This year Hatty came with me to keep me company, which is becoming a regular, enjoyable break, with my 'big' girl.

DAY 1 Sew Birdy

This is becoming one of my favorite workshops as everyone's birds take on an identity all of their own. It is a lovely space to work in at Sew Creative and we all settled down to working quickly....and suprisingly quietly. You can see the difference in the before and after stitching pictures, oh and the 'magic' 3 buttons...

Day 2 Garden Boarders

This is a new workshop based on the fabulous flower boarders you see in English gardens. Taking inspiration from found images we began doodling shapes before beginning to collage and construct the boarders. The doodling continue with our sewing machines and then everyone was busy hand embroidering their boarders. Very quickly the studio was filled with colours of the summer. Some gardens will be left flat where others are to be turned into a vase sleeve once completed.

Thank you ladies for a fabulous 2 days. The work you created was amazing and unique and I hope you have the time to finish them.

See you again next year

Anne xx


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