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2 days in Garstang....Birds and Books

I have just returned from another 2 fabulous days in Garstang @creativethreadsworkshop and the lovely Linda.

DAY 1 'Sew Birdy'

During the day we created a gaggle of beautiful birds. In this workshop you can follow one of my templates or create your own bird. At first the ladies weren't sure that they would be able to complete their bird but after following my step by step instructions and demonstration they were well on their way by lunch time. After lunch the collages magically transformed as we start to draw on top of them with our sewing machines and then further added to them with hand stitching. At the end of the day, even though they weren't all attached to their canvases they looked fantastic. All individual with their own personalities.

Sew Birdy Aviary

...and this is Tommy my teaching sample that I spent the evening hand stitching.

Day 2 'Scary White Paper'

When you get a new sketchbook you can't wait to get started and dive into it's pages. However that first white, clean page can be a little scary...just in case you 'spoil' your book. Well today we spent the morning over coming our fears and had 'fun' playing with a range of media and techniques. By lunch time we had a sheet of paper covered in colour which then we cut up to make a concertina book. In the afternoon we continued to explore various ways and the techniques you could use to begin to develop some exciting pages. Everyone created a unique book with lots of ideas to take home and use in their own books.

I love the mini exhibition everyone created at the end of the are everyone's favorite pages...

Hopefully everyone is now ready to tackle the books they have been scared of and I look forward to seeing what they do.

Just a quick mention for Iona and her lovely concertina book. I am so please I inspired her collage project and the piece she created was amazing. Her book today was lovely and I hope she can take some ideas away with her for her own work.


Thanks you ladies for a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all soon

Anne xx

If you would like to come on one of my workshops have a look in my shop as to what is coming up and availability, thanks for reading :)

Love Anne xx

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