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The fabulous Mister Finch

Well after 3 back to back weekends of workshops I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Mister Finch workshop at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Shaking with excited I arrived at the Hay loft workroom to find Mister Finch set up for an amazing day.

It had been a secret as to what we were making but we soon found out it was to be a Hare that would be mounted on the wall. We very quickly got on with the task of hand stitching all the pieces together. Mister Finch kept up entertained with his fab sense of humor and insights into the Finch world.

It took until lunchtime to prepare all the pieces and after a lovely lunch we were very quickly back to stuffing all the pieces. It was a workout we had not expected and took a lot more stuffing than expected. Slowly over the afternoon our hare's began to take shape.

While we worked Mister Finch took part in a Q&A session where we found out about his work and the exhibition The Wish Post at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There were quite a few surprises of the things he used in his magical creatures. For example the spines on the hedgehogs were the plastic pins you use with curlers.

We were kept very busy all afternoon and as 4pm approach and few hares were completed.

I have to say I love my Hare and I want to do a little more decorating to totally finish him off.

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