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Annette Emms @shed 76 1/2

This was a weekend I had been excited about for a long time. Annette Emms at Shed 76 1/ had been planned for July but Annette was this was even more exciting that it was happening.

This was a full 2 days working on fabric books. Annette arrived on the Friday and the excitement began as she un-packed her work and all the goodies we were to use over the weekend. Saturday started with the cover for our books. A lot of needle felting began as we constructed the foundations of our covers. Annette shared lots of secrets about her books and once we had the basic structure started we began to think about a theme for the books and cut our pages.Before we knew where we were day one was done.

Gathering our thought over night everyone was back bright an early and Annette introduced us to creating the images to go into and on our pages. using shapes, paintings, drawings etc again time was running away. At the end of the 2 days everyone had theirs books well on the way and everyone was determined to continue with their books. Annette has said she would be back to Shed 76 1/2 next year so we all have a year to get them done :)

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