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Emily Notman @Shed 76 1/2

I welcomed the lovely EMily Notman for 2 days and 2 workshops at Shed 76 1/2.It was lovely to meet her and this was her return from a break after welcoming her gorgeous little boy into her family. I have admired her work for some time so was excited to have her here to deliver 2 workshops

Day 1:-Wall hanging

Emily got us under way with some controlled mess creating a range of hand dyed fabrics.

Where they were dying...on a wet day. We started to experiment with mini samples and the construction techniques Emily uses. Once the base was created Emily got us trying out a range of hand stitching techniques. This was when we were introduced to , what we ended up calling, the Emily Notman not knot.

Once our fabrics were dry we began to construct our landscape hangings. The colours everyone used were beautiful. Once layered we continued to hand stitch. The results were breath taking.

Day 2 Working on the round

On day 2 we continued to explore Emily's techniques with a few added extras. Working on the round posed different challenges. Layering was the focus for the day along with colour and stitch. The morning was once again controlled mess after we created texture with fabric and stitch. The paint created the texture before we continued to stitch. Everyone had the opportunity to explore a variety of techniques and create a number of vessels.

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