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The beginning of Studio 76 1/2

Big things are happening here in my H-anne-MADE world. Anyone that has been on one of my workshops knows I have a cute studio in the roof of my house that is cosy but a bit small. Well...this summer we have started work on Studio 76 1/2 next door to my house No 76.

It all started with digging out the garden and 40 tonnes of soil were removed in total. Amazingly this was all done in a day and it was so exciting to see that our plans were finally on the way. As it is an odd shape my fab hubby then spent quite a while planning the build as we were going to build it ourselves.

In the mean time we built a curved retaining wall for the drive out of sleepers. The area in front of the studio will be a seating / chilling area with plants all around.

After the foundations and floor was constructed we spend a couple of days making the walls. It is really exciting to see my dream becoming reality and I will continue to keep you updated and once we know when it will be completed I will launch the studio and a series of workshops..

eeeek exciting love Anne xx :)

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