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Another amazing day in Garstang with Linda and Creative Threads workshop

This was the first time I have done my 'Workshop in a day' with the lovely Linda and Creative Threads workshop. We started the day by facing the first thing when opening a new sketchbook... the scary white paper. So we began by experimenting and exploring with a variety of background techniques

.After we had created some interesting sheets we continued to explore other techniques.

After a well earned break for some food we began putting together the concertina books. Making our own washii tape and beginning to work on each page the books began to take shape.The focus of the afternoon was to explore a variety of techniques and combinations of techniques that I have used in my workbooks and may others. Linda kept us going with her lovely cakes and by the end of the day everyone had created a very indivdual book that they could take away and make a start on their own workbook.


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