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Hello to my new H-anne-MADE Blog posts

Hi...and welcome to my new blog. I have decided to add this to my website so everything is all in one place and I can update you on everything H-anne-MADE. 2016 has started really well with a number of workshops.


A lovely day spent exploring getting started in your workbook. We all started with the scary white page...but they very quickly turned it into fabulous concertina books exploring a variety of techinques that everyone could take home and try straight away in their own books.

PRINT, COLLAGE, STITCH...A BOOK @Bound to be good group

I was booked by the Bound to be good group to do my Print, collage and stitch workshop but to create a book instead of a hanging. A lovely day printing, ripping and reconstructing a range of papers, then creating a concertina book using kebab sticks. Not everyone finished but we got a lot done in the day and hopefully everyone will have time to finish their books.

STITCHED COLLAGE WORKSHOP @Harrogate Embroiderers Guild

It was lovely to go back to visit the guild where I did my first talk. This time it was to do my most popular workshop-Stitch Collage. This is the technique I use in the majority of my work. Using an inspirational image we creted a collage that was then sewn into. The range of work done aways amazes me. I love them all.

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