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In 2023 I ran (via my ko-fi page) a year log project called 'The stitching hour'.

This project is now available as a series of workshops you can enjoy at your own pace.


There are 13 videos (1 introductory one) that take you step by step in creating an embroidered 12 bolck quilt.

Each video is a 30 to 40 minute demonstraation for the task for the month.


Originally each prompt was for the month, but as you get access to all the videos you can work along at your own pace.


You will get a PDF with the access information and will have lifetime access to all the videos.


I hope you will enjoy creating a unique piece of embroidery and will also have access to a private facebook group where you can share you creations.


NEXT ENROLMENT will take place every 6 months


JULY 2024

Stitching hour 2 series of workshops

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