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New thread by Scheepjes for 2024. 52 colours, organic mercerised cotton. 20g ball, 165m.

Thinner than maxi treat, it has thread size no. 10 within the crochet cotton and embroidery thread and the recommended needle size is 0.75-1.25mm.


Candy Floss is the first Scheepjes collection that falls outside the crochet and knitting yarns category. This makes Candy Floss a unique and versatile yarn. Scheepjes Candy Floss is made from 100% Organic Mercerised Cotton. This thread yarn has a high twist and a smooth shine, which results in gorgeous, defined stitches in your work. Moreover, it does not split. All these characteristics make Scheepjes Candy Floss the perfect choice for a wide variety of techniques and projects: think of free embroidery, Sashiko stitching, tatting, hand quilting, micro crochet projects such as amigurumi and jewellery or working crocheted edges to blankets, accessories and clothing.


Scheepjes Candy Floss -PINK

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