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First time at the BCTF Harrogate

Well this is what the last year has been building up to. I applied for the BCTF 2 years ago but couldn't take part last year so this year was the big one for me. The build up was a really bust time here at HanneMADE. As the weekend got closer my stress levels rose as well. Setting up my plan for the stand on the landing really helped me sort out what I wanted to take and show. Creating new work was exciting and it really got my mind focused on what I wanted to do.

I always believe things happen for a reason, you may not know what it is at the time but I am glad I didn't do this last year. Over the past 8 years I have built my work, been distracted by thinks I have seen and finally settled on a range of work I am really excited about.

So the Saturday set up day arrived very quickly and Robert can with me as my assistant. Arriving in Harrogate we were some of the first people there starting to set up. My 2m by 1m stand was a blank canvas I had to transform.

A busy 4 hours later and things were set up, with not too much faffing. We kept having a wander around to see the stands of others and I wish I could have gone shopping as the range of artists exhibiting work was amazing. There were familiar faces and people I knew and also a lovely place to meet new friends.

Off home,after setting up and an afternoon in the garden which did me the world of good, but in my head it felt like I had already done the show.

Up and off early Sunday morning not really knowing what to expect. I was feeling really nervous and was sort of glad my fellow newcomers were also in the same boat. In my head I just kept saying to myself that once I had spoken to someone I would be ok.

Well to cut a long story short it was an amazing weekend. A number of galleries / shops

ordered my work with a lot of others showing interest. It has totally blown my mind and I really appreciated the comments and advice I received from the gallery owners.

I came away happy but exhausted and already booked for next year. Next year the Saturday will be open to the public so that will be interesting. I have a busy time ahead and will be adding stockists of my work to my website soon. I am looking forward to the Easter holiday and a break or time to start getting my work ready to post.

Exciting times for HanneMADE so watch this space.

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Mark King
Mark King
Jun 14, 2022

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Well done Anne, it all looks fantastic and I’m so chuffed it went well for you

Lynn x

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