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Welcome to my HanneMADE world. I am  Anne Brooke, textile artist and tutor, living and working in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. 

Over the past 10 years stitching has been a major part of my everyday life.  In 2020  I set myself the challenge to stitch each week, little did I know how important this time would become.

#sew4thesoul was something I developed as a breather in my busy life, but became something I needed for my own well being, alongside inspiring others to join in.

Stitching has been a part of our lives for hundreds of years and I love to share my passion of stitching with others. Be that in a workshop, via social media or in the projects and challenges I have set, that people all over the world have taken part in.

Logo 2021 1.jpg
Logo 2021 1.jpg
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