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#Stitch with the tribe# is printed onto 'stitcky fabric-solvy' water soluble stabilizer.


Peal off the design and smooth onto your tote bag. Then enjoy stitching onto the design. Anne's example is using a range of maxi sweet treat threads, that are also available to purchase in Anne's shop. 

Use a range of hand stitching techniques to complete your design. This does not come with specific instuctions, so you are able to use any technique you wish to create a unique bag.


Once your design is completed, cut away any excess sticky fabri-solvy and submerged the bag in warm water, agitating the surface for 2-3 mins. Rinse and air dry. If any stiffness remains after it is dry, repeat the process.


Dyed traditional indigo blue, 9oz denim, colour this bag is sure to catch the eye! Portrait in orientation, measuring 38 x 43cm .
Handle drop: 30cm

Stitch yourself denim tote bag #sew4thesoul

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